Top 5 wines brand in India

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Your hangover depends on your holic mood!

If you’re finding top 5 wines brand in India and the foremost quality drinks for yourself I even have variety of  amazing and chilled drinks for you to urge refresh yourself.

If you would like to travel to variety of the small and speechless parts in India like Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai then you must try some wines in the perticular state. I’ll recommend you top 5 wines brand in India which will help you to fine finest wines in India.


The foremost counted drink Goa which is feni and specially what Goa is totally incomplete about it. This is often something which you can’t shake Goa unless you’re living inside the rock. As we all know potatoes, chilies, pineapple and cashew was bought by the Portuguese in India, as same feni is simply introduced by Portuguese within the 16th century.

The drink is present every part from cheap motels to high quality bar also as five-star hotels. Feni is among them which contain high quantity of alcohol as 43-45% which features a robust aroma. The amazing properties, it can cure common cough and cold, also as use in medicine purpose. It’s often served with lemonade, mixed a cocktail, etc. feni is prepare with cashew or coconut sap.


Kingfisher, “The king of Good times”. Is an Indian brand beer by United Brewery group of Bangalore. Kingfisher is additionally available in 52 countries with a 36-40% of market share, it was launched in India in 1978.


Regular kingfisher premium contain 4.8% of alcohol, last longer lifetime of this drink is 15 years. Its aroma is good, malty, and grainy with a little sweet aftertaste. Kingfisher isn’t barely one kind of drink its sorts of brand a bit like kingfisher lager, kingfisher premium, kingfisher magnum, kingfisher drought, etc.


Shiraz is that the hidden station drink, it’s famous in Nashik valley. Sula rasa our rasa Shiraz is beastly served at 16° Celsius chilled. Shiraz first stored 12 months in premium French oak barrel then, further matured before releasing in bottle.

Sularasa top 5 wines brand in India
This is an often one among the very best recommended drink of Indians because it paired with chocolate, barbecue, and it opened and decanted  half-hour before been served chilled and fresh. The CEO and founding father of this wine is Ranjeev Samant. This belongs to grapes mixed wine basically grapes seeds oil. The outer look of the bottle is an icon of sun with a moustache.


One of the delicious wine basically belong to fratelli Vineyard, Ajkul, Maharashtra. This wine boasts up with flavor of smoky coffee and chocolate, homegrown wine company successfully set remarkable standard for Indian wines.

Sette top 5 wines brand in India
It has 13.5% of alcohol, 60% of sangiovese and 40% Cabernet. Do I know the meaning of SETTE, it means seven in Italian is dream of seven brothers of Fratelli had, in 2009 the dream come true of vintage giving an exception quality product. Blackcurrant basically provides the backbone to SETTE giving it a fruity and classy structure in 14 months.


KRSMA is an indian branded wine basically from estate in Hampi hills. KRSMA is increasingly within the list of headlines for all the right seasons. A pleasant balance of fruit and acidity resulting in an honest finish.

Krsma top 5 wines brand in India

An exception mellow taste wine with many cherries and cloves ( Sounds good! Right ). This wine is in dark crimson color, complex in its own way revealing its fruit-forward nature on nose and palate.

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About wine isn’t only alcohol, but many natural combination of fruits a touch like grapes, apple, cashew nuts, etc. there are between types like wine, rum, whiskey, beer and vodka.

Hello everyone thank you! So this was all about top 5 wines brand in India I have bought something to make this interesting. So please comment down and let the world know how you get it.

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