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Top 10 best Indian sweets

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Hi guys, after traveling thus far to German and Turkish I’m back in India and bringing the highest aromas of sweets, which melt your mouth easily just by smelling. Today I am talking about top 10 best Indian sweets.

Top 10 best Indian sweets

I am here to share with you the Indian sweets now which is additionally popular in his own way. The people on the streets are caught by the aroma of the sweet.

The main theme of Indian sweets is emotion!
We Indians shares with our closest once to point out our love towards them. A number of the sweets are emotion to some relatives.

What To dine in India?

Let’s have a taste of top 10 best Indian sweets!

1. Kaju katli

Kaju katli top 10 best Indian sweets

Kaju katli is additionally referred to as kaju barfi, is traditional Indian emotion which took a diamond shape. This sweet is formed with cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder, kesar, some pinch of elaichi, butter and ghee. Kaju katli basically are available a rapped silver foil which provides an expensive look to outer interior and may easily attract the mankind.

It is traditionally consumed during the festival times. This is often an emotional gift to friends, relatives, and families on special occasions. Kaju katli mostly prepared at the time of the ganesh chaturthi because it signifies the day of Ganesha. Kaju katli gives a shine of silver foil with saffron and a few dried fruits in Oder to bring more flavor thereto.

2. Soan papdi

Soan papdi

Again another amazing sweet called soan papdi, which features a strong sweet aroma it’s prepared in pure ghee and milk, cardamom, flour, and sugar, with chopped pistachios on top of it.
It structure like cube-shaped which features a thick to thin layer inside out of 1 single peace. Soan papdi contain crunchy and crispy taste once we consume it.

This is on of the special sweet which shows love towards one another. Soan papdi is originated first in Bangladesh then spread to Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan.

3. Ras malai

Ras malai

This famous sweets called RAS MALAI which has two Indian meaning, ras means juice, and malai means cream. RAS MALAI made with white cream, sugar, milk, and cardamom-flavored paneer cream.
Ras malai is originated from West Bengal side, with some Almonds, chopped cashew and pinch of kesar on top.

It is basically served chilled and garnish with natural dried fruits. These sweets carry many families together as they enjoy it with one another. Spongy, tender and smooth dish is served mostly after meal.

4. Malpua


Yes, the malpua is cup-cakes like dessert which is found in Odisha.
This is deep-fried dessert which is dipped in sweets syrup and topped with a sweet condense milk. TheĀ batter of malpua is typically made flour and semolina.

As you’ll see the image it gives a shine which may attract any consumer towards itself.

5. Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun may be a sweet which melts every Indian hearts, its structure like small balls which is solid, this juicer balls are deep-fried in ghee. Then these balls are send into the sugary liquid substance with saffron, green cardamom and perfume.

As we all know RAS MALAI has two meaning which combined and make it one, so here gulab means rose, and jamun refers purple-coloured berry fruit. Gulab jamun is essentially originated from Arabic country which is bought by Mughals in India.

6. Kheer

Kheer for eid

Kheer may be a creamy rice dessert which made in several countries. Mostly occasional time this dessert shared up with near once, in ceremonies, festival and weddings.

Kheer is served with dried fruits, nuts, pistachios, and saffrons. Originally, it had been prepared as an offering to the gods.

7. Sandesh

Bengali sweet sandesh

Sandesh is originated from the state Bengal it’s also referred to as sondesh in Bengal. After sending it within the refrigerator for a few hours it’s able to consume it chilled.

The small paneer balls are basically garnished with pistachios, almonds, or crushed pineapples. Although sandesh is typically round, it also can be shaped into elephants, fish, or conch shells.

8. Laddu


This traditional Indian sweet is formed with flour that are mixed with sugar then converted into the shape of balls. Laddu may be a sweet which carries many sorts of flours, legume flour, chickpea flour, flour, and coconut flakes. These balls are made with many various ingredients.

Dried fruits and nuts increase more flavor and taste within the sweet. Today, it’s mostly served in many special occasions and delivered to temple as offering to god.

9. Kulfi

Kulfi top 10 best Indian sweets

Kulfi is an Indian ice-cream made with milk which is simmered continually and converted into a thick milk. The ice-cream is typically modify into conical shape, after an extended process of simmering some a part of milk get caramelized and nutty. The wooden stick attached to the kulfi gives support of balance.

Kulfi is typically decor with some fresh pistachios, dried fruits and nuts, perfume and saffron. Kulfi was invented at the traditional inhabitants of the Himalayas during the time of Mughal era.

10. Rasgulla

Rasgulla top 10 best Indian sweets

Rasgulla is an Indian traditional sweet made with emotion and love, and typically served after a meal as many other sweet refer with rasgulla. It’s made with paneer dumplings and semolina dough cooked during a sugary syrup. The birthplace of this sweet is subjected between two countries, Odisha and West Bengal.

Bengali says that rasgulla was the byproduct of many culinary experiments within the state, while the people of Odisha says which it had been traditionally offered to Lord
Jagannath for several years.

I hope you like my top 10 best Indian sweets comment me within the section below and let me know which was your favourite? Indian is united with many unique combination of culture, tradition, food and languages.

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