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Food plating and presentation techniques

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Your designs matter in your food dish!

Is only food or recipe important for creating the plate complete? So, the solution is not any it also required plating style or techniques our attractive color on the bottom of the plate. I have some most searched food plating and presentation techniques.

There are many creative chefs who keep food consistent with restaurant theme, dinning table set looks.

We eat with our senses: we smell it, taste, feel it, and see it also capture picture of it as a tasteful memory.

Talking about the foremost amazing creative chefs a bit like Jim Solomon, Daniel England, Joyce tang, Micheal Welch the simplest dish presentation chef’s they share their focused key factors: color, arrangements, balance, texture, warm and cold theme, and the way easy to eat for guest.

Top food plating and presentation techniques!

1. Height of the food.

Food plating and presentation techniques

One of the chef Daniel England who wish to increase the height of the food by saying, “house is build from base to top which has strong base and delightful outlet“. His creativity is to get a robust base. Height of the dish represent to possess more ingredients in it, once you have high top it doesn’t give gap in between and appearance rich.

2. Cut meat horizontally.

Cut meat horizontally

Cutting the meat is additionally an art of medium to slow hand slices. England also says slicing of meat in 45┬░bias is knowledgeable cooking skills. It should be cooked such how that juicer texture should float out of it. Plating the meat crossing one another may be a presentation of top chef.

3. Fun with texture!

Food plating and presentation techniques

For playing with many colors within the dish was introduced by Joyce tang. There are many dishes which look simple, but tang says, “I wish to play with contrasting texture on my plate to seem rich and expansive” sauces are one among the colorful eye-catching substance on plate which will be in spots in several color.

4. Contrasting colors.

Contrasting color

Strategy you give to your food is hyper-important said tang. Contrasting color not only mean sauces color, but also the carrot, cauliflower, lettuce, and beans an easy coming eye-catching vegetables that also make dish look attractive. Tang avoids artificial color on her dish.

5. Match your food with restaurant theme.

Match with restaurant theme

Style of plating need to be compelled to match the theme said Jim Solomon, the great spots of red and white dots on plate said people to capture the one precious photo. Black plate alright goes of with the white shiny dinning table and folk on side Jim Solomon’s idea of creativity.

The method you plate your dish need to be completely match your kind. Relatively the guest need to completely appreciate the hip, and power of taking care in dishes.

Food plating and presentation techniques

Food may was an emotion that got captured in every phone and photoshop, the dinning table may be a trending background on social media icon. Get viral on Facebook for more packaging and likes.

Comment me down and tell me about these food plating and presentation techniques!

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