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Veg recipe

Veg frankie

Street is legendary by snacks! We all are crazy about foods, a number of the vegetables we do not want, but we don’t know the very fact behind them. Some gives protein and a few provides more irons, today it’s all about a street food which is all around famous from Texas to Indian all …

Veg recipe

Veg Manchurian recipe

Find uniqueness in India! It may be veg or non-veg the sole missing item is simply meat in veg and vegetables in non-veg. The simplest theme for the newly open restaurant is to put the menu of Chinese to the guests, Manchurian dish is another popular dish from Indochinese cuisine. Wide combinations of Indian Chinese …

Palak paneer
Veg recipe

Palak paneer recipe

Nature is naturally popular! The internet is stored with filled with amazing facts and knowledge that recently revealed. Many of us inquire from me where paneer was invented? So, paneer is essentially made with cows milk and invented in Punjab, this is often also called “white cheese“. Today is all about paneer, a gorgeous recipe …