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Best authentic Mexican food

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Let’s travel new for best authentic Mexican food!

Weather it is a sábado noche, Saturday night, or it’s going to be plan de Domingo, Sunday plan various ideas of food will never leave my mind. To form your weekend more unique, I suggest you to try best authentic Mexican food
Yes today is all about taxes, Mexico.

The talk about deliciousness of this country blessings at our words, this is often a most beautiful country to travel the planet. Food could also be simple or colorful, you’ll definitely see colorful eye-breaker dishes during this country called Mexico. Basically Mexico is country in North America, which is famous for pink lake everywhere on the universe. What you’ll wish to have if you visit there? Or may he I even have a number of the suggestions for you which will definitely assist you to seek out the foods easily.

Let’s see what we’ve to pick for today banquet. If you wish this best authentic Mexican food select one among the dish and Comment me what you choose for today.


Best authentic Mexican food

Chicken is everyone favorite, everyone loves chicken. Today, I even have something called spice Chicken taquitos this is an often one among the happiness in his own way. People mostly look for chicken taquitos for Mexican party to comfort their heart.

A taquitos may be a decor with many sorts of toppings. It is shallow fry to get the crispy exterior, and sizzling Chicken cooked inside. It alright goes with Avocado white sauce, and a few other sauces also.


Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor is one of the gorgeous dish in Mexico, made with pineapple a signature which is a of Mexico. This recipe is straight forward because it is made for the house cook to make it on stove. Pineapples are chopped in medium peaces, pork, and onion with some coriander and cilantro.

Do you know what AL PASTOR means in English?
Pastor means shepherd so translation are going to be shepherd tacos. Al pastor is originated with Lebanese immigrants in central Mexico who cook shawarma style by grilling meat on a spit. This is often a standard flavor adapted by local Mexicans.

Pork is essentially a pig, ‘ meat that’s marinated for spice, many of them do not know what’s the most ingredient in tacos? What side of pig is cut of for creating TACOS AL PASTOR? Therefore, the answer is here it’s pork shoulder that’s used.


Churro chips


Coated with cinnamon and sugar that are perfect for dipping in Avocado sauce. This triangular shaped crunchy snack cover with golden brown. If you’re searching something fancy for your vacation and holidays then this is often best and straightforward example of getting it with friends at parties. There are two sorts of churro chips made with the preference of cuisines one is triangular and another one is thick cylindrical which is about with chocolate sauce.

It is during the 16th century when Spanish explorers churros into every portion of the planet. They quickly become famous by the local foodies and other countries does an equivalent. Straight or spiral or triangular shaped, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, it’s continually favorite in my summer times still, or could also be it hit mealtime in winters.

KEYO TAKO CASSEROLE. (Best authentic Mexican food)

Keyo tako casserole

Meet your new favorite weeknight dinner dish. Little spice of jalapeño is extremely delicious on baked cheese topping. When your meat is cooked in pan and you switch off the gas then this is often dipped in egg then baked in oven at 350° for 20 minutes. This is often a 9 homemade ingredient recipe that’s one among the Mexicans favorite.

Loaded with hamburger, tacos, and black pepper prepared in oven. Enjoy the taste of tacos without the carbs! Plating in the middle of the plate and surrounded with avocado is heaven looking eyesight.


Guacamole best authentic Mexican food

Make this avocado salad smooth and chunky as your taste. Plane and straightforward it is a blend of a couple of top quality ingredients with flavor that melt together beautifully. After traveling from taquitos to casserole, I assure you this may not be end of today’s Mexico information. We just need 8 homemade ingredients to finish this amazing guacamole.

The word, “guacamole” and dip, are originally from Mexico, where avocado are cultivated from several years. Avocado means –ahuacayl and molli means sauce, learning new words are amazing right.

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Traveling world around make us fill tired and stressed, but that excitement is at a next level or rolling ourselves into a replacement cuisines and countries.

Let’s rest now and have a taste of some best authentic Mexican food and enjoy our vacation or holiday. Comment me your favorite one and let me skills you discover my recipes.

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